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What if children could learn key wellness tools by exercising their imaginations and bodies in a magical series of workshops? Inamojo does that and more…reserve your child’s spot so they can start filling their happy-life toolbox now.

Inamojo is a well-being program for children 5 through 8 years old that weaves stories, movement, art, meditation, and specially -composed music together into a magical and inspiring experience for children. Your child can join this magical journey and  giggle, dance, and imagine while learning beautiful tools to navigate their lives.

Inamojo™ offers wellbeing programs for children of elementary school age. Our programs nurture creativity and imagination through play while addressing all levels of healthy developmental growth: physical, cognitive, emotional and social.

Weaving original music and stories with mindful practices such as meditation, breath awareness, expressive movement and art, inamojo wellbeing programs nurture children on inner journeys of self-enquiry, self-discovery, and self-awareness.

Inamojo is based on the eastern integrative ‘map’ of the chakra system, together with Jungian psychology and a variety of contemporary Early Childhood Development theories. These foundations are not discussed explicitly in inamojo classes, obviously, but they underpin and drive the key developmental themes in each class: trusting instincts; emotional expression; self-esteem; compassion; communication; intuition and imagination; and self-awareness.


Intro Classes
The Intro Class gives kiddos and families a chance to make sure that inamojo is a good match.  These classes are run a few weeks prior to a new series launch, are an hour long and cost $20.  Click here to see the schedule and reserve your child’s spot.



The Inamjo Series is nine weeks long: a series opening, one week for each of the seven chakras, and an integration experience.  In addition to a weekly magical experience, children enrolling in the the series will receive a a feather each class to sweep away yucky feelings, a crystal attuned to each of the seven chakras, a binder to keep hold and protect magic circle art, and the supplies to create the magic circle art.



Fall Session
Wednesdays, 4:00 to 5:00 pm September 20 through November 16



Winter Session



Spring Session