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Intuitive Guidance

Support, help, and guidance are always available to you.  You are never alone–your guides and angels are always present. Tracy will help you know the power of asking for help and guidance, because asking is an imperative part of your relationships with your spiritual “team.”  Tracy can help you hear and feel the presence and guidance.  Tracy’s Intuitive Work includes connecting to your higher self and guides through energy work, oracle cards, and channeled messages.  What comes through for you is warm, loving, and often transformative.

Working with Tracy includes a client-specific combination of her spiritual gifts:

∞ Empathy—Emotional, Spiritual, Physical
∞ Clarity—Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairvoyant
∞ Connection—Guides, Light Beings, Angels, Spirit
∞ Channeling—messages for your highest good from high-vibration sources
∞ Mediumship—messages from ancestors and loved ones beyond the veil

Intuitive Guidance sessions with Tracy usually include oracle cards as a tool to receive guidance from your higher self, guides, and angels.  Some things to think about when contemplating a session with Tracy include:

General information readings are possible and will be uniquely for you.  If you ask for general information, though, you will receive general guidance.  You might also get answers to the things that are most on your mind or heart, and it will take a little longer to discern those things if you just ask for general info. Since readings are a set amount of time, you might want to spend a while with yourself beforehand to determine the things you most need guidance on.  The more specific the issue, the better the information.  With your specific needs in mind, Tracy will help you craft your questions to get the most helpful guidance.

Many people ask about relationships and romance.  Everyone wants to feel connected, to love, and to be loved.  Whether it is romantic, parental, familial, or work-related–it is right and safe to ask for guidance about navigating relationships in everyone’s highest interests.  Your divine helpers want you to be happy and they know that love is a high-vibration emotion that benefits you and everyone else.  Yes/no questions are difficult to answer from the higher realms, especially since you usually know the answer to yes/no questions already anyway.  The best readings are those that ask for guidance about a particular person or situation.  Schedule an Intutive Guidance Session

Other common questions involve life purpose, abundance, business, and work.  Your guides want to help you, so no question is too little or too big to ask.  Most of us understand the Law of Attraction, but many of us still feel stuck.  Manifesting prosperity and calling in your heart-felt desires is a skill that is unique to each individual.  Your higher self and guides are happy to make suggestions to help you receive.  Do be honest with yourself and with Tracy about what you want to know.  Spend some time before your session and jot down some notes about what is top-of-mind a lot for you.  We will be able to get better information once we address the thing you are preoccupied with.

Your guides and angels also want to support you in finding vibrant health.  Most of the guidance received in health readings is about what healthy practices will benefit you most.  A health reading can also help you get to the “root of the matter” since all physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual pain has an energetic cause. You will leave your health reading session with a clear concept of your next steps in your healing journey.  (You already know that you still need to consult with medical professionals.  A health reading will not diagnose or treat any of your conditions.)

If you are a Lightworker or are on the path of service to Gaia and her inhabitants, it is most likely you will receive guidance from your “team” and also a council of light beings that Tracy channels for the higher good of all.  If you are newly awakening and now entering the path of service, these sessions will prove especially powerful and reassuring.  Tracy has experience with rapid spiritual change and the vast amount of confusing information out there.  You are not alone and you are not going crazy.  Expect to leave your session more grounded and with tools to navigate your journey.

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