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About Tracy


Crystal & Sound Therapist,  Psychic & Intuitive Channel
Chakradance Facilitator
Children’s Movement Educator

I am honored you are here.  If you have made it this far, something about me is resonating with you.  I am grateful that we are able to connect, even if it is only in this electronic way.

I will tell you about my titles and certifications and experience and experiences in a moment.  But, the very first thing I want you to know about me is that I am an expert at holding sacred healing space.  When you and I work together in any capacity, I promise to be fully present with you.  My heart will be open and without judgement.  I will have no expectations of you and will not criticize you–not even in my head.  I will surround us both with an energetically clear, warm and loving container.  You will be heard.  You will be seen.  You will be witnessed.  You and your information are safe with me.

The next thing I want you to know about me is that I want to empower you.  I know, without doubt, that it is in your highest good to participate in your own healing, and to participate in your own connection to your guides and angels.  I am trained to do those things for you, but I have also developed tools that you can use after our sessions to continue and intensify your healing and your clarity.  You are strong.  You are powerful. You are perfect.  You are unique and special.  Perhaps you’ve just forgotten.  I can help you remember.






∞ You are looking for a process of self-discovery—you want to be your authentic self

∞ You would like to express and connect with the energy of each of your chakras in an empowering way

∞ You desire to connect to your higher self, guides, and angels

∞ You need to “get into your body,” you enjoy moving your body to music, and you need the benefits of being physically active

∞ You crave freedom of expression

∞ You would like to bring more of the peace of meditation into your life

∞ You’d like to create more inner awareness of intimacy, sexuality, intuition, creativity

∞ You want to explore your true self through your body in a stress-free, fun, non-analytical way

I have been on a spiritual path my whole life and I am now blessed to be able to earn a living by sharing my gifts, knowledge, and energy with adults and children. I have always been a powerfully-perceptive empath, and my intuitive gifts expanded exponentially in 2015-17.  During the time of expansion, I sought out expertise.  I studied many healing modalities and intuitive tools to develop and grow my gifts.  I am a continual student, and I am constantly learning and mastering more.  (See below for more details.)

My spiritual awakening was fast and furious.  I have been and continue to be awe-struck by the wonder and beauty and enormity of it all.  I am clear that I am here to create new paradigms, to create new ways of being, to express more love and authenticity, and to shine my light.  I am clear I am here to help create the New Earth.

The way here has not always been all love and light and unicorns.  I am now divorced with children.  Many of my day-to-day circumstances have changed. Many of my relationships have changed.  I have lost some people.  I have caused heartache and I have been heart broken.

But in all of those difficulties are huge lessons and growth.  Inside the chaos, I learned to let go of the things that no longer served me. I learned the lessons.  I can see the beautiful tapestry of the interconnectedness of it all and I am humbled by the knowledge that everything has meaning.

So, I am here for you. Thank you for being here.  I do love you.

Tracy’s Intuitive Work includes connecting to her client’s higher self and guides through energy work, oracle cards, and channeled messages.  What comes through for Tracy’s clients is warm, loving, and often transformative.  Working with Tracy includes a client-specific combination of her spiritual gifts:

  • Empathy—Emotional, Spiritual, Physical,
  • Clarity—Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairvoyant
  • Connection—Guides, Light Beings, Angels, Spirit
  • Channeling—messages for her client’s highest good from high-vibration sources
  • Mediumship—messages from ancestors and loved ones beyond the veil

As a Certified Crystal Healer, Tracy knows that crystals and gemstones are Earth’s powerful energetic tools.  Tracy has a deep understanding of the human electromagnetic field, the chakra energy system, and how crystals interact with these fields.  She is trained in how to recognize and remedy energetic imbalances or blockages within this field utilizing crystal energy.  She can also use crystals as tools to help you attune your energy to your best life.

Chakradance® is a dance practice for the soul. Drawing from the wisdom of Jungian Psychology and a deep understanding of the chakra system, Chakradance blends free-flowing movements with carefully-designed sound and music to help you free the energy in your body and open to a deeper experience of life.  In a safe and sacred space lit only by candle-light, you will to move from your outer, everyday life, into your rich inner, imaginative world. It is from here that deep inner healing and wholeness is activated. All Chakradance classes and workshops include an opening meditation, dancing with chakra-specific music and guided imagery, mandala artwork creation, plus a closing meditation. Chakradance is safe for all body types and fitness levels.

Inamojo™ offers wellbeing programs for children of elementary school age. Our programs nurture creativity and imagination through play whilst addressing all levels of healthy developmental growth: physical, cognitive, emotional and social.

Weaving original music and stories with mindful practices such as meditation, breath awareness, expressive movement and art, inamojo wellbeing programs nurture children on inner journeys of self-enquiry, self-discovery, and self-awareness.

Inamojo is based on the eastern integrative ‘map’ of the chakra system, together with Jungian psychology and a variety of contemporary Early Childhood Development theories. These foundations are not discussed explicitly in inamojo classes, obviously, but they underpin and drive the key developmental themes in each class: trusting instincts; emotional expression; self-esteem; compassion; communication; intuition and imagination; and self-awareness.

Zumbini™, a music and movement class where the science of child development meets the magic of Zumba™. This program takes little ones on their first steps toward a healthy, active life. Together, adults and their young children wiggle, sing, and learn for the ultimate bonding experience! For littles newborn through 3 years old.


Tracy has always been a powerfully-perceptive empath, and her intuitive gifts expanded exponentially in 2015 and 2016. As she has developed her ability to be simultaneously connected to Source and grounded to Earth, she is able to share transformative experiences unique to each client.  What comes through for clients is guided by what is in their highest good, and includes empathy, clarity, connection, channeling, and mediumship.  (See Method, above.)

Tracy is a life-long seeker, conscious dancer, and award-winning teacher. She has been teaching dance for more than 16 years and is a National Dance Council of America certified instructor. As a former wellness studio owner, Tracy has extensive experience in creating a sacred, healing space, and in building a community of like-minded and like-hearted people.

Tracy has been a certified Chakradance Facilitator since December 2014, has been licensed to teach Zumbini and Zumba since 2013, and taught dance at Rice University from 2001 to 2008.  She holds a BA in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and an MBA from the University of Houston.

Other certifications: Certified Crystal Healer, Holographic Sound Healer Levels One and Two, Red Tent Facilitator, Inamojo Facilitator, Angel Card Reader, Realm Reader, and Fairyologist.

Current certification work includes:  Aromatherapy, Elemental Space Clearing, Sage Goddess Holistic Healer


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Mind body and spirit awakened

A crystal healing session with Tracy is a grounding and clarifying experience. My mind, body and spirit have been awakened through crystal sessions with Tracy. She joyfully shares her knowledge and insights to create a safe and healing environment just for you.

Susan Johnson

Constantly amazed

I have been working with Tracy for over a year now and am constantly amazed at how accurate her intuition is. She gives me just the right piece of wisdom that I am in need of by reading my chakras and balancing them through her crystal work. I leave session feeling so relaxed and balanced. I wish I could have her work on me everyday!

Compassionate and heart-filled

I would highly recommend Tracy to my friends or anyone needing compassionate and heart-filled guidance.

Beautifully intuitive

I highly recommend crystal healing with Tracy.  She is beautifully intuitive and helps me with my specific needs.

Nurturing and healing

The things Tracy told me were things my soul already knew, but she was able to elaborate on these things and provide action steps on how to move forward in a way that was nurturing and healing to me.

Bonnie LeBaron