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Crystal Gridding


If you follow me on Facebook, you know how I love crystal grids.  A crystal grid is an intentional arrangement of gemstones and crystals in a precise geometric pattern to raise, create, and call down specific energy.  Grids are activated in a way that invites the stones to work together.  The energy that an activated grid creates is synergistic: The grid’s energy is more powerful than the sum of the energy of the individual stones.


I create grids for me and for my children.  I give them as gifts to my family and friends.  I am designing a standard line of grids which will be available in the Apothecary at Sol Healing & Wellness Center.  I use them in my energy healing work.  And, I work with clients one-on-one to co-create custom grids, attuned to their specific intentions and energy signature.

I have them everywhere.  Here’s why.

∞ From a simplistic metaphysical point of view, our thoughts and emotions create our vibration and the vibration in our environments.  Our vibration attracts like vibrations.  So, if we want to bring more peace into our lives, a crystal grid created with the intent to increase peace will create a peace-full energy field, which will increase our feelings of peace, and, in turn call in more peace.

∞ Grids can also “send up” prayers and intentions.  It is a two way street.  It’s like saying “Hey God/Spirit/Source/Universe, here’s what I desire (or something better), and here’s the vibration of it and me together.”

∞ We can use a grid to “charge” other objects.  All material things have a vibration and hold energy.  Placing objects on our near your grid will charge that thing with the energy of the grid.  A good example of this is placing business cards on a prosperity grid.

∞ They are beautiful.

There is information all over the web about how to make grids.

You can buy packages with all of the pieces, too.  I love Sage Goddess.

A good place to start in learning about grids is Hibiscus Moon’s book.

I have developed a unique process for designing, creating, and blessing crystal grids.  Here’s a gallery of pics that show just a part of the process.

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If you’d like to work with me in designing a grid specifically attuned to you and your intention, please send me an email at Info@TracySageKing.com