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Root Chakra Moving Meditation

August 31, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

$33 per person
Pre-registration required

Chakradance is a dance practice for the soul. Drawing from the wisdom of Jungian Psychology and a deep understanding of the chakra system, Chakradance blends free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound to help you free the energy in your body and open to a deeper experience of life.

The Base Chakra, which rests at the base of our spine, houses patterns passed down from our families. Vibrating red, this chakra is the key to our survival issues–finding a job, having enough money, an safe home to live in, and being able to ground ourselves. While dancing through this chakra we explore our own personal sense of these issues and strengthen our innate instinctual energy.

The dance of the Base Chakra draws inspiration from tribal dancing, as found in the indigenous cultures of Africa, Australia and North America. These dances are linked to our roots, survival and grounding. In Chakradance we envisage dancing around an ancient campfire, bringing our own tribal dance to life. We also draw inspiration from the natural movements found in the animal kingdom. Shamans believe that animals can teach humans the power of instinctual energy and animal dances are deeply entrenched in shamanic ritual.

This 90 minute workshop includes an opening meditation, dancing with chakra-specific music and guided imagery for the Base Chakra, mandala artwork creation, plus a closing meditation.

Chakradance is safe for all body types and fitness levels. Please bring a water bottle, dress in clothes that allow free movement, and be prepared to dance barefoot.


August 31, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Tracy Sage King
13805 Ann Place
Austin, TX 78728 United States


Sol Healing & Wellness Center