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Fear, Receiving, and My Mouth of God.


I have been working with Trevor Colm, Doctor of Chiropractic, since the Summer of 2016.  He always talks about my neck.  He always adjusts and works on my neck.  Well, almost always.

Lee Lawrie’s colossal bronze Atlas, Rockefeller Center, New York. From wikipedia.

I have “atlas subluxation.”  The atlas, in chiropractic terms, is the first bone of the spine.  It is where the head and neck meet.  Every nerve of the body passes through it.

He says that area of my spine is called “the mouth of God.” And, mine is out of alignment.


As an intuitive-psychic-empath-medium, I receive information from oh so many sources: the natural world, the Earth, the spirit world, angels and light beings, other human’s energy and emotions, the energy of a room.

And, I go through periods of intense “downloads” from a higher power–Light Beings, Spirit Guides, God, Source, the Universe, that which is really unnameable.  I see and sense these downloads as coming from above, through the crown of my head, into my consciousness, heart, and sometimes all the way into my molecules.  Sometimes it’s Light, sometimes it’s Unconditional Love, sometimes it’s information, sometimes I just know I am receiving something and can’t define it.  I am a channel.

And, frankly, that can be overwhelming.  It is overwhelming.  From the point of view that it is not a part of “normal” human experience, it can be frightening, too.

Trevor said atlas subluxation is usually caused by stress. I agreed.  My life was pretty stressful.

So, both he and I concluded that adjusting my “mouth of God” would help me receive information better.  It would make me a better channel.

The adjustments were awesome for my body.  I could tell things just worked better and many aches and pains went away.

During that time, I saw Trevor every week, often twice a week.  And, every time he’d adjust my atlas.

One visit, he took an xray to see if something was fused.  Nope.

“You will see many more like me with this same issue.”

It tumbled out of my mouth in a tone that’s not quite mine.  We both know that it wasn’t from me.  I had channeled that information.

I questioned it, though.  It didn’t make sense.  Why would intuitives have a misalignment in their channels?  Maybe that was incorrect information.

Six months later, I turned internal.  Life circumstances required that I focus on me and my own healing.  While I could still “tune in” at will, the downloads stopped.  When I went in for an adjustment, Trevor noticed that my neck is much better and much easier to adjust.  But, my life was even more stressful.  Neither of us dwelled on the incongruity.

Then, last week, my channel opens up again.  I start receiving downloads and experiencing heart openings.

And, yesterday, I go in for an adjustment.  Atlas jammed up again.  A lot, actually.  He works on it for quite a while.

We have our usually discussion about what he saw with my spine, what he adjusted, what I can do to increase my spinal health.  I ask my questions, ask for pictures.  He is patient with my analytical mind.

Then he says, “I see a lot of psychic mediums now.  They all have atlas subluxation.”

Mind blown.

This is yet another lesson about questioning what comes through me.  “You will see many more like me with this same issue.”  Six months later, he has.

Then comes the clarity.

I have been working with two big lessons over the last few years:

∞ Being able to receive.  In all ways.  It is a sacred aspect of the feminine.  Up to now, I have interpreted this guidance as being able to receive from others–help, money, love.  I am a giver and fiercely independent, so receiving is one of my issues.  Now, I see it in another light, too.  It is in my highest good and a major part of my soul contract to be a channel.  To receive downloads. I get it.  So, why am I jamming that channel?

∞ Which leads me to my second big lesson: Releasing fear and resistance.  I threw two pieces of paper into the fire on New Year’s eve 2016 with those two words written on them.  And I have been given many opportunities in 2017 to practice releasing fear and resistance.  The day before this last visit with Trevor, I journeyed into my Akashic records with one question.  I received an answer to that questions and to every other question I have right now: Fear is creating everything I don’t want and is blocking all that I desire.

I believe that I will never be given more than I can handle.  In my view, the downloads are not too much. I am resisting and fearful and causing the issue with my mouth of God.

Ok.  I hear You.

I have compassion and understanding for all of the whys of my resistance and fear.  And, I recognize it is time to fully step into my power and my faith.

Thank you, Trevor, for being the catalyst for this lesson.  Thank you for being the badass chiropractor you are.  Thank you for energetically tuning into my spine and my body and helping me heal.

[Obviously, I think highly of my chiropractor.  He is amazing.  Whitney Colm is too–she keeps my girls’ spines in optimal health.  If you’re local, check them out.  www.ColmChiropractic.com ]