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Healing Movement

As a former yoga and dance studio owner with more than 20 years of dance teaching experience, Tracy is well aware of the healing power of movement, and she has woven this wisdom into her healing practice as she has moved forward on her path.  If you need to “get into your body,” you enjoy moving your body to music, and you need the benefits of being physically active, then Tracy’s movement programs are a great match for you.

Put simply, Chakradance is a moving meditation.  And so much more.  It is the most powerfully healing group program Tracy offers.  Tracy has seen client after client move through a series of workshops, empowered to heal themselves, and emerge transformed.

Discover a deeper connection to your true, authentic self, the unraveling of blocked energy and the feeling of coming home.  Chakradance is a gentle and empowering practice of self-discovery and healing where you move or dance through the ancient chakra system to awaken your body, expand your mind, and call out to your soul.  Imagine being in touch with the sacred, both within yourself and within the universe.

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What if children could learn key wellness tools by exercising their imaginations and bodies in a magical series of workshops? Inamojo does that and more…reserve your child’s spot so they can start filling their happy-life toolbox now.

Inamojo is a well-being program for children 5 through 8 years old that weaves stories, movement, art, meditation, and specially -composed music together into a magical and inspiring experience for children. Your child can join this magical journey and  giggle, dance, and imagine while learning beautiful tools to navigate their lives.

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The Zumbini™ program is a high energy, fun, original, contemporary take on music and movement where participants enjoy cool Zumba® music packed with world rhythms and catchy, kid-friendly tunes created just for this program.  Designed for children 0 through 4 years old and their caregivers, this program takes little ones on their first steps toward a healthy, active life.

Tracy’s Zumbini classes will be chakra-informed. You’ll only notice it if you are looking for it.  Class themes will be created around the elements and major emotional aspects of each chakra–earth and the natural world, water in all of its forms, fire and the sun, air and wind and air animals, sound and singing and music-making, light and the stars, plus much more.  Click here to register and to get more information about the Zumbini program and to register for a series.


Couple’s Dancing
Tracy is a National Dance Council of America certified partner dance instructor.  She served as the Social Dance Program Coordinator for Rice University for five years and was a sought-after instructor at Houston’s largest couple’s dance studio.  Learning to dance together is a beautiful way for couples to embodied universal masculine and feminine energies and know each other better from an intuitive, energetic, and in-your-bodies point of view.

Text or call Tracy at 512-567-3008 to setup a lesson for the two of you.