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Intuitive & Energetic Studies

Introduction to Intuitive Studies
In this workshop, we will discuss all of those confusing terms.  What is a psychic?  What is the difference between a psychic, a medium, and an empath?  What are “clairs?” We will also start to tap into our intuitive gifts with oracle cards and some fun interactive exercises.  Expect to leave with a better understanding of the world beyond 3D and knowing more about your own unique gifts.  Click here to see the schedule and reserve your spot.



Connect with Your Higher Self
This workshop will show you how to use a number of magical tools (including your own body!) to get guidance from your higher self. You will also ID your “super-clair” and attune a pendulum (that you get to take with you) to your vibration.  Click here to see the schedule and reserve your spot.



Meet Your Ancestor Council
“Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.”  A favorite quote from Linda Hogan reminds us that there is love and guidance for you beyond the veil.  In this experience, you will connect with your ancestors with the use of crystals and a powerful meditation.  You will also create an Ancestor Connection Mojo Bag to use when you want reconnect with your elder council.  Click here to see the schedule and reserve your spot.



Meet Your Guides & Angels
In this workshop, you will explore your “clair” gifts and be gently led through a beautiful meditation to meet your unique angel and light being “Council.”  You will also learn how to attune to and get helpful guidance from your team with oracle cards.  You will leave this experience with a high vibration crystal attuned to you and your angels so you can reconnect when you want. Click here to see the schedule and reserve your spot.



Elements of Sacred Space
This workshop will cover how to: create and hold sacred space energetically; raise the vibration of your space; create a prayer and meditation space that expresses your unique connection; use other sacred tools to elevate your intuitive experiences. Click here to see the schedule and reserve your spot.



The Psychic Series
A six-part series created by a powerfully gifted and experienced team of lightworkers, healers, and channels to help you dive deep into unfolding your intuitive gifts.  All of our experiences are high-vibe, transformational, and magical, but this series will help you shut down your nay-saying brain chatter and doubt with exercises and homework that will prove to yourself that you are spiritually gifted.  Click here for more information, to see the three enrollment periods for this year, and to reserve your spot.



The Abundance Experience
Tuning into the vibration of abundance and prosperity is a spiritual skill.  Spirit wants you to live a beautiful life, and material good is a small part of that beauty.  In this experience, we will bust through limiting mindsets, learn practical ways to cultivate gratitude, and create an Abundance Mojo Bag to help you stay in a grateful and receiving vibration. Click hereto see the schedule and reserve your spot.



Introduction to the Chakras
This workshop is a fun and enlightening exploration of your chakra energy system. In this two hour experiential workshop, you will learn about what a chakra is, the basics of the chakra system, and the general purpose of the system as it applies to your daily life. You will come to know each of your seven main chakras and get a solid sense of how these energy centers both influence and are influenced by your everyday experiences.  This experience includes: lecture and discussion, meditation, and exploration of aroma, color, crystal energies. Handouts will be provided and tools to empower you to work on your own chakra system will be available for purchase. Click here to see the schedule and reserve your spot.