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Ritual & Ceremony

Align energy with your desires to live your best life.  Setting intentions and writing them down are powerful tools to manifest what you want.  Including ceremony or ritual as a physical activity is an even more powerful method to bring what you want in the physical world.  Using crystals, meditation, sacred space, and customized ceremonies, Tracy can help you breathe life into your desires.

This service is highly individualized with exclusive ceremony design, tailored meditations and affirmations, and physical tools aligned with your unique energy.  This service includes a 30 minute phone consultation, an hour long, one-on-one experience, crystals charged with your energy and intention, and all supplies and products to create the ceremony.

Possibilities include:

∞ Attracting Abundance & Prosperity

∞ Connecting with Your Ancestors

∞ Meeting Your Guides & Angels

∞ Creating Heart-Expansion, Self-Love, and Empathy

Click here to pay the $300 fee, and Tracy will call you to set your appointments.