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Space Clearings

Every place that we live, work, play and love contains the energetic residue of everything that has happened there, as well as the energetic residue carried into the space by visitors.

Tracy will come into your home, workplace, play area, or building site and remove any and all of “that which does not belong.”  

For businesses and organizations, Tracy regularly clears business offices, retail spaces, fitness and wellness centers, and houses of worship, and find that employee satisfaction and sales increase.  

Space clearing is a beautiful way to make your home feel like your sanctuary, for you to increase the appeal of a house for sale, or to bless your new home.

Tracy calls in angels and light beings to wash away negativity and creates energetic boundaries to keep it away.  She also smudges with sage, an ancient tradition that science now recognizes as being anti-microbial and increasing negative ions (that’s a really good thing!)  During the session, Tracy is happy to discuss how crystals, essential oils, and other sacred tools can make your home, office or business a sacred space.

Obviously, this service requires a “house call,” so the best way to schedule a clearing is to text or call Tracy at 512-567-3008.